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Welcome! My name is Jenni Schierman.  I am a coach and consultant with over a 13 years experience in the motorsports industry working directly with athletes, teams and high performers. I am an experienced trainer, mentor, and leader, and have worked for well-known companies like Kawasaki and Nissan.  

In my free time you can probably find me at a racetrack cheering on a client or a close friend, spending time with my rescue dog Hess, or traveling. I currently make my home in South Florida. 


I am available for coaching, consulting, workshops, or training. I have extensive experience in training and classroom facilitation at the corporate level and have several existing training presentations that can be customized to fit your organizational needs.  All coaching/consulting engagements are bespoke and premium and tailored to the individual/team needs.

I help athletes in many ways but common areas are self confidence, visualization, impulse and emotional regulation and improved communication.

I also work with high performers and teams from senior managers, directors all the way up to C-suite. Areas of specialty are: emotional intelligence, executive presence, conflict resolution and improved communication.

Often I am contacted directly by the team, but also work with individuals in motorsport that are part of a team seeking coaching as part of their own personal development.

If you see a potential synergy, please reach out. I'm happy to discuss working together.  You can click the “schedule call” button anywhere on my website to set up a zoom meeting.  Otherwise feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or Instagram if that is more convenient to start.

MA, Executive Coaching & Consulting
BA Concordia University Irvine

Hintsa Performance Certified Coach (in training)

NASM CNC (in progress)


Client Testimonials

Jenni is trained at moving growth.  She has this talent of listening underneath to fully gain awareness of what the client is experiencing, and responds in a way to create experiential change.  She can balance being present with reality to bring change through the right amount of challenge.  Her work with me has been life changing.  And she remains on my list of go-to people when a helping professional is needed.

Kristen Johnson

Working with Jenni was transformative for me.  She is so authentic thus allowing me to be the same way.  I feel that her coaching style is efficient and effective because of her ability to really see my roadblocks.  I cannot recommend her enough if you are wanting growth for yourself or your business!

Kate Black

Jenni was able to help me tremendously with my mental block on a motorcycle. I began struggling for reasons unknown in winter 2018. After working on the bike and my riding, the struggles continued. Talking with Jenni, I felt my issue was clearly on the mental side. We worked together for about 4 months. I saw steady progress by feeling less nervous and in a better place when I would throw my leg over the bike. With each passing month my confidence came back and when I ride now, I mentally KNOW and believe in my abilities. I have been riding better than I ever have this 2020 season so far and the fun came back. Owe a lot to Jenni, thanks for fixing me :). 

Thank You,

Chad Lewin


Chad Lewin

Spending time learning from Jenni was delightful! I was thoroughly impressed with the the way each session was organized and with how the program flowed. There was both laughter as well as deep, thought provoking conversations. The things I learned about myself and how to understand others better are applicable in all
areas of life from my teams at work to my family team. Thanks Jenni!

Andra Finlay

Jenni is amazing! She is very outgoing and fun to work with, not to mention motivating and understanding.
I truly enjoyed working with her and would work with her again in the future. I felt I could be open, honest,
and most importantly be vulnerable without being judged. It wasn't like working with a stranger, she made me feel heard. Throughout the process she showcased great listening skills and was able to process quickly with an idea to
help/encourage results. If you are looking for any sort of coaching, whether it be in a group or one-on-one, she does
an excellent job.

Samantha L.

This was such a great experience!  I not only learned a lot about myself, but gained perspective on others as well.

Greta Beller


Services Offered

One on One Coaching
Team Coaching
Workshops & Training
Virtual (Zoom) AND Trackside Solutions

Female Lecturer

How Can A Coach Help?

Ideal for athletes, teams, high performing individuals

  • Accountability setting/achieving goals. 

  • You struggle with where you currently are personally or professionally (feeling stuck).

  • You want to improve performance (issues with qualifying, race performance, emotional regulation, etc).

  • You want to improve focus.

  • You have hit a plateau. 

  • You want improved confidence

  • You have been told (or you suspect) you have conflict/communication related issues.



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